Remember to change your filter

Remember to change your air filters at least every 3 months, but it’s recommended to change them every 60 days. Clean filters keep your HVAC system healthy, they enable it to run more efficiently, keep repair costs to a minimum, and reduce monthly energy bills. About half of your monthly energy bill is attributed to HVAC, and keeping clean air filters is the single most effective way to improve HVAC efficiency. Clogged filters make the HVAC work harder as it conditions your home, which raises your energy bill. (And if there are no filters, the coils will clog, which is even worse for your system.)


Big Henry Golf Classic

We proudly sponsored the Big Henry golf classic at the Brickyard golf club. We’re so happy to help The Methodist Home for Children & Youth. We hope we truly helped raise awareness for these children. Thank you for inviting us to join in this cause.