Local Technician Passes National “Excellence” Test

Businesses and Homeowners Benefit

April 15, 2005

(Perry GA)  What do you do if you’re a business with a commercial refrigeration or ice-making equipment problem or if you’re a homeowner with a heating or cooling equipment problem but you don’t know a reliable, knowledgeable technician?  Do you just pick someone randomly out of the phone book, or ask a friend who may not know more than you do?  How do you know if the technician you pick really knows what they’re doing?

A national certification test has been developed, and is now being administered, to assure that technicians have the skills to do the job.  North American Technician Excellence (NATE) offers these voluntary tests to technicians in the areas of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration.  The independent, not-for-profit organization is supported by an unprecedented combination of technicians, manufacturers, distributors, utilities, and refrigeration, heating and cooling contractors.

Pike’s Peak Performance HVACR, LLC  of Perry is proud to announce that Mark Pike recently passed three NATE tests: Air Conditioning Technician, Installation Technician and Service Technician.  This certification benefits businesses and home owners by giving them an independent standard by which to select a knowledgeable technician to work on their systems.

“This certification really helps,” says Pike, head technician and owner of the company.  “It’s a way that we can show our customers that we really care about doing the job right, and that we know how to get it done right the first time.”

“Contractors in this field today are trying to improve their industry’s image,” says NATE spokesperson Carl Smith.  “This certification test is national, independent, focused on current technology, and aimed at a high standard for technicians, so only the best will pass.  This encourages all technicians to improve their skills in order to keep up with the pack, and that improves the overall industry for everyone!”

For more information about what Pike’s Peak Performance Refrigeration, Heating and Cooling can do for your home or business, call 478-987-5547 locally.  For more information about NATE, call Carl Smith in Arlington VA at 703-600-0361 or visit NATE online at www.natex.org.

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